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Aetna Individual Health Insurance Quotes in Florida

Aetna Individual and Family Health Insurance Quotes and Florida Individual and Family Medical Plan Breakdown

Aetna Health Insurance Quotes

With the introduction of the new competitively priced Aetna Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans in Florida, Aetna has become a major force in Florida Health Insurance again. Having one of the strongest and best run companies in America doesn't hurt either. Aetna Health Insurance is now finally affordable to everyone in Florida and you can get a quick quote for you and your family from our Aetna Florida Health Insurance Quote page.

If you currently live in Florida and are paying too much for your health insurance, or you think you can't afford health insurance now is the time to look at Aetna's New Health Insurance plans for Individuals and Families. You have access to Aetna’s network of 912,000 providers and your health is their primary concern. For an Aetna health insurance quote in Florida now please follow the link.

Aetna POS Plan Highlights

All of the traditional Aetna POS Individual Health Plans in Florida offer unlimited office visits to your primary care physician and specialists. What separates Aetna from everyone else though is that they also cover the entire office visit including all testing done at the providers office without a deductible or coinsurance.

Aetna's POS Individual Health Plans have no claim forms to fill out when you visit a network provider and there are no referrals required to see a specialist. With these Medical Plans from Aetna there is never a waiting period for routine gyn visits or any other annual testing. Compare that to other Florida health insurance companies.

Aetna Prescription Drug Plan Coverage for their Florida's POS plans include the best mail order prescription plan in the country. With extensive drug choices and fantastic negotiated pricing on drugs including no deductible for generic prescription drugs, Aetna has the number one prescription plan in Florida.

The New POS Open Access Value Plans

There are a variety of other plan options as well offered by Aetna's extensive portfolio in Florida, where an individual is able to choose a plan that best meets their specific needs and budget. As health care reform debates perpetuate a need for more economical health insurance options for individuals, Aetna continues to penetrate the market with their ever evolving benefit enhancements and competitive premium costs.

Their newest plan choices for individuals in Florida include the extremely affordable Value Plans. These plans are for people who typically visit the doctor for their annual check-up and then seldom for a sick visit and usually don't take any medication. In other words healthy, young budget conscience Floridians. These plans do however cover all generic medication under the new Aetna plan designs which would also probably be a viable alternative for older, less healthy Floridians.

Plan Breakdowns

Firstly I will admit that the following information is going to look complicated and it will look like you have more choices then you can possibly understand. But do not worry, the plans are very simple and I am going to offer some basic definitions before we get into the actual individual health and medical plans from Aetna. Secondly, Aetna has all of these choices because they want to give the consumer the best option for their wallet but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is one thing, price. So read these definitions and then get a quote from our Aetna individual Florida quoting engine.

POS Open Access Plans- These are the normal Aetna plans that are traditional with copays for everything and the plan preferred by 90% of the consumers that I meet and talk to.

POS Open Access Value Plans with Limited RX - These are the new Aetna plans that are identical to the ones above only they have basic drug coverage only which is a great option to me as most people don't take medications and I believe that the pharmaceutical companies are the ones most responsible for health care costs rising so quickly. So get some generics and sign up for these new Aetna plans in Florida provided they are cheap and competitive with other Florida health insurance providers.

POS HSA Plans or High Deductible Plans- I don't personally think these plans are so important during a recession/depression but basically they are plans with high deductibles where you pay 100% of all medical costs till a certain dollar amount usually about $3000 and then the health insurance company pays the rest including prescriptions, office visits, everything except dental and vision. Of course you can pay these first expenses with pre tax dollars making it a great vehicle for rich people looking for tax shelters.

POS Value Plans- these are older Aetna plans with a maximum of 5 office visits and limited generic prescription coverage. What I love about these plans compared with the competition from other carriers such as the Golden Rule copay saver (NEVER BUY THE COPAY SAVER the copay select is fine as is their other plans but stay away from their saver and if you can the saver 80) is that they cover 100% of your office visits after your deductible so even though the plans are limited, should you get an outrageous medical situation your costs will all be picked up at some point without you having to sell your house or go on Oprah to beg for a surgery.

Hospital and Preventative Plans - just what it says folks, Aetna pays all of your hospital bills and picks up your annual physical.

Now remember just because Aetna is better then most carriers in Florida doesn't mean they are the best in your zip code or demographic so always get a comparison health insurance quote or call us for help. A good example though where Aetna prices the best is traditionally always Miami and if you have more then 2 children and are a single mother or father.

Aetna Florida Individual Plan Details and Links

The POS OA Value Plans offers the same comprehensive health benefits found in their POS OA plans but with 2 key differences; that is, a combined limit of 5 visits to one's primary care physician and specialist and discounts instead of co pays for name brand drugs. The 5 visit limit applies to each individual in the plan on an annual basis and does not include preventative care visits. Most individuals are less than likely to exceed this number of visits to a doctor on an annual basis, but for the cautious minded consumer any apprehensions would be undoubtedly alleviated knowing that all visits after the 5 visit limit is exhausted are still covered, but instead of being covered with just a co-pay they would be subject to their plan's respective deductible and coinsurance. These value plans are available in two ways from Aetna with the abbreviated prescriptions plans called the limited rx plans available in $2500 and $5000. The other Aetna Value Plans are the new high deductible plans available in a $7500 and $10,000 deductible choices. And finally the older value plans still available are the $2000, $3000, and $5000 deductible choices.

Of course for people who enjoy the freedom of knowing that they are fully covered, there is the great Aetna POS Open Access Traditional plans with co pays for just about everything and low deductibles with low out of pocket maximums. These plans are available in $1000, 1500, 2500, 5000 deductible choices. There is another choice with no deductible called the first dollar plan but buyer beware as the coinsurance is higher then the other plans.

Now of course with the HSA craze that swept Florida during the housing boom there is still Aetna HSA plans available for those who still manage to squirrel away their pocket change and want to pay even less for their insurance and also earn decent (ok marginal is probably a better word) returns in HSA accounts.

There is also the traditional Aetna Hospital and Preventative Hospital plans available in the 1250 and 3000 deductible range, which are amazing in that they actually cover everything after the low deductibles in the hospital. These are fantastic options for people and families in Florida suffering through the recession.

Aetna Health Insurance Today

Aetna is the top health insurance company in the United States, and in Florida they are the largest non domiciled health insurance provider. They are in the center of the current health reform debates in Washington and President Obama has met with the Aetna health team for advice on the upcoming legislation.

Aetna is the only company that is focused on reducing health costs including health insurance premiums and medical testing and surgery costs, etc. Their new plan is to educate the consumer to shop the same way for health procedures as they would for a new car or the latest computer gadget. Aetna will continue to advance their technology to lower costs for Floridians when they buy health insurance.

The Aetna Foundation and East Coast Health Insurance

The Aetna Foundation was started in 1972. The Foundation provides charitable grants to organizations that promote healthy communities and volunteerism.

The Aetna Foundation’s is dedicated to getting as many people health insurance coverage as possible. This is the same goal as East Coast Health Insurance. In fact East Coast Health Insurance has assembled every government and public and private health coverage in order to offer coverage to anyone regardless of health condition without resorting to discount plans. We are in touch with Florida Medicaid and every County health program to the individual health programs offered by hospitals for local residents.

At East Coast Health Insurance we will get you health insurance coverage.   Also visit East Coast Auto Insurance for Florida auto insurance quotes and our new Florida home insurance site.

Other Insurance Options from Aetna

Aetna also offers the prescription drug plans and even Medicare Supplement plans for senior citizens. We also offer life insurance, disability protection, and longer term care coverage. Aetna has even started a new auto insurance policy so please call us at 1 888 803 5917 to inquire about these extra benefits.


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