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Aetna Health Insurance in Florida

Plans at a Glance in Florida:
Aetna* POS Open Access 1000 Health Insurance Plan
The Aetna Advantage POS Open Access 1000 Plan may be your choice if you are looking for the lowest monthly payments you can find. In return, you will pay a higher annual deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and office visit copays.

Features of the POS Open Access 1000 Plan (in-network rates)
Premiums Moderate
Annual deductible $1,000 individual; $2,000 family
Out-of-pocket maximum $3,000 individual; $6,000 family
Office visit copay $20 non-specialist; $30 specialist**
Prescription drug copay $15 - $35 - $50***
Hospitalization 20% after deductible**
Skilled nursing, physical/ occupational therapy, chiropractic care home health care, durable medical equipment 20% after deductible**

Like other Aetna POS health insurance plans, the POS Open Access 1000 Plan gives you the freedom to go directly to any recognized health care professional, including specialists, for covered expenses. The above costs apply if you choose a health care professional from Aetna's network of participating physicians, dentists and hospitals. Costs will be higher if you choose out-of-network health care professional.

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This page gives a quick overview of this health insurance plan and does not include all of its features and specifications.  Health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations. Before you decide if it is right for you, be sure to get more detailed information below, or Get a Quote.

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