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Aetna Individual Health Insurance Florida Individual and Family Medical Plan Breakdown

If you are looking at Aetna Health Insurance plans for the first time please look at the side chart or view the Florida health insurance quote page.  Remember even with all the individual choices that Aetna has in Florida with their health insurance there is a plan that will fit your needs.  If you find yourself getting confused please call us or visit our online health brochures.

Most Floridians are familiar with their health insurance perhaps from a company that once provided it or if they owned a company and purchased it for their employees. However, when it comes to understanding individual medical insurance in Florida you must abandon all your original thoughts and knowledge and be content to know that this is (unnecessarily in our opinion) challenging. Individual insurance in Florida is its own animal and can be very confusing if you don't keep it simple.

Therefore when shopping for individual health insurance the first thing to remember is that you most likely want what everyone wants when it comes to individual health insurance in Florida and that is the most for the least. On the left is a list of all of our individual carriers and a link to a quote from each of them. Above that is our "start my quote" button which gives you a quick comparison quote from most of them in one place. Unfortunately, at press time we couldn't get them all in the same place yet, but we are working on it.

You want office visits with a straight-forward co-pay and no surprises to come in the mail in the form of bills for labs and prescriptions. You might be willing to make some sacrifices but you do want at least co-pays for these basics.

In our experience this is 90% of the market. The other 10% will be happy with catastrophic medical insurance. What most of you are talking about is a co-pay plan from a PPO such as the United Health Care/ Golden Rule Co-pay Select plans, the Aetna POS plans, the Cigna POS plans, the Blue Cross PPO plans (most of them they have tons of them), and a few others depending on where you live.

But what separates most of our customers the happy ones from the ones that pay their bills with a frown every month are the ones who have the plans from Blues in the 90's are the Vista Health plan and or Coventry PPO plans. What separates these plans? It is in fact that they have co-pays for everything else besides just office visits and prescriptions. This plan specifically the Vista plan in my case has saved me hundreds of dollars per year in medical costs and the Blue Cross PPO plans (90 series) would have done the same thing as would the Coventry plans.

I am not preaching Florida HMO's here, but I will tell you that if you are willing to put up with certain things you will save money over the course of a year if you tend to go to the emergency room or have diagnostic testing etc. Of course Blue Cross plans and Coventry would also accomplish this, and depending on where you live and how big your family is one of these plans would most likely be the solution to the least premium for the most health insurance in Florida.

On the other hand the new Cigna individual plans are the price leaders in Florida for the most part right now but don't' have the benefits of the plans mentioned above.

Therefore, we must in future articles break down the health insurance companies by region and demographic and tell you who is the cheapest based on certain factors in various hypothetical situations. Unfortunately, these are not the only factors in buying health insurance if you are an individual or family in Florida.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Florida Health Insurance

Individual medical insurance in Florida is different from group medical insurance in Florida because of the fact that the underwriting departments at each Florida insurance company will scrutinize very closely any pre-existing conditions that an applicant has in their health history (going back up to 10 years) if they are applying for an individual policy.

Individual carriers get to go through your health records, your prescription history, and even (though they tend not to do it anymore) send a nurse to your house to do a paramed. And once they collect this information they will use it to either charge you a higher premium or decline you entirely.

Some of them will also make your condition be excluded for a year if it is on their listed of pre-existing health conditions. These can include high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or can be the even more severe diabetes which at this time is nearly impossible to cover with an individual policy, although Aetna and a smaller, newer company Avalon are looking at each on a case by case basis. Sometimes an insurer will charge you the higher rated up premium and also rider it out. This means that you could be paying for coverage for an excluded condition. We find this unfair at East Coast Health Insurance and will usually reapply you until we can get a cleaner policy issue. What about if you get declined altogether and you find yourself getting older?

Florida Group Health Insurance Basics

If we are to fully grasp the individual health insurance policy in Florida then we must briefly cover group health insurance.

Florida group medical insurance is easier to comprehend because it doesn't matter what your health conditions are as the group is looked at as a whole instead of by individual or family. This is great if you have conditions that require chronic attention as an individual carrier would most likely not take you.

But if you are young and healthy and your group is the opposite then you end up subsidizing the group by paying higher premiums then if you would have taken out an individual plan. Also an individual plan is portable so you could take the plan to your next job should you have to leave. The next big reform in healthcare should be to give some portability to these plans so that the insurance companies would have some interest in covering more people. On the other hand group coverage is usually better because you pay at most 50% of the premium and will thus usually have more benefits then the same individual plan for the same money. Also maternity issues are almost 100% of the time better covered in a group.

Maternity is a complex thing and in many cases I recommend not taking individual policies for this as they are never comprehensive. individual medical insurance) - that is unless your employer is paying the cost for all of your group medical insurance: then you are quite happy (unless you have a family and your employer is not so kind as to pay for them to be on the group medical coverage as well!

Finding The Lowest, Cheap Florida Health Insurance Rates

Clicking our get a quote button will help you compare the same plan from multiple carriers and be careful to make sure you keep in mind coinsurance maximums and out of pockets (see our glossary)when comparing health insurance plans as what looks like a good deal with one company can often be beaten by a seemingly more expensive competitor. To further complicate this situation, there is no concrete example of this as based on your zip code, age, and family size it can change from one county in Florida to the next.

However there is a new plan in Miami from the state and a certain company that we cannot mention in print due to our contract with them but if you've read this far please call us about it.


Things to Be Careful of when Shopping

Never buy a discount plan unless its AAA and includes three car tows a year. These are not necessary and will sometimes hurt you more then help you as they might impede us from getting you a social program through the county, state, or federal government. If you are about to buy a discount plan, unless it is to be paired with an actual health insurance policy with a high deductible (AND EVEN AT THAT POINT YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED) you should pick the phone and call us at 888-803-5917.

The other policies to watch out for specifically would be anything from Health Markets such as Mega, Midwest, and United American. If you have bought one of these policies or any policy not from a carrier that I am about to mention, you should walk or run over to your files and pull out the policy right now. Aetna, Avmed, United/Neighborhood/Golden Rule, Humana, Cigna, Vista, Coventry, Blue Cross. This is the list of all the carriers that we currently deal with. If you have any other carriers, you should look at your policy and look at the first page and make sure that your deductible added to your coinsurance or co-pays which equals your maximum out of pocket is at least defined. Many companies will sell you a policy with no defined maximum out of pocket, I could name these carriers but suffice it to say that you should always have a defined moop (maximum out of pocket). Secondly, you should have one annual deductible, not one per incident. And lastly and also very important, there should be no caps on anything except your lifetime maximum which should be at least 1 million but is usually 3-5 million.


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